Protect Your Employees from the Flu This Year

Did you know that the flu making rounds in the office has a potential to negatively affect your business? The negative economic effect due to flu outbreak makes up for more than $16 billion in lost wages.

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How to Clean Medical Offices

Hospitals are hosts to a number of germs and infectious diseases, and if hygiene isn’t maintained, others can be at risk for catching diseases and falling sick. Hospitals and medical clinics often hire professional janitorial services to ensure hygiene can be maintained around the clock.

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Why Commercial Ventures Need Janitorial Services

cleaning building exterior

Has your building lost its original charm? Have the floors in the hall become dingy? Has the air inside started to smell odd? Well, perhaps it’s time to give the property a deep-clean! And not just any kind of deep-cleaning but the professional kind!

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Cleaning Your Retail Restrooms

kleen office environments spring cleaning

Retail business restrooms can be a hard task to keep up with, when times of high volume and traffic hit it can be hard to spare employees to keep up with the bathroom cleaning. Keeping employees on the sales floor is usually the number one priority for any retail business but the restrooms can have…

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In-House or Outsourced? Which Cleaner Should You Go with For Your Office?

Both, in-house and outsourced cleaning, have their long list of advantages when you compare each service. So as a business owner that’s just starting out, choosing between these two options might be a bit difficult for you. Now, as a reliable commercial cleaning service in Grand Rapids, you might expect us to toot our own…

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Why You Should Get Your Office Professionally Cleaned NOW

Contrary to what you might want to believe, ‘sick building syndrome’ is not something your employee came up with to justify taking three days off work. In fact, sick building syndrome is a major reason why companies face increased sickness absenteeism and a decrease in their workers’ productivity.

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15 Suprising Facts on Why You Need a Cleaning Service

15 facts on why you need a cleaning service Kleen Office Environments

Cleaning your business can be a pain and a task that often gets set aside but if you knew what was really lurking around you’d never leave it to the wayside again! Without proper cleaning your business or office can become a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, dust and more. Consider a professional cleaning service…

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Tips For Choosing The Best Medical Cleaning Service


Finding the right cleaning service can be tough for any business but finding the right service to care for your medical facility can be even harder. Medical facilities require special care and attention to detail, without the right cleaning service your facility can fall into disarray and even fail inspections. Here are some tips to…

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Top 3 Germiest Places in Your Office

You might wash your hands valiantly after using the work restroom or sanitize after touching a sick coworker’s desk, but unfortunately office germs are lurking everywhere even in some not so noticeable spots. Here are some of the germiest places found in offices and ways you help keep your office clean and germ free. 1.…

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