In-House or Outsourced? Which Cleaner Should You Go with For Your Office?

Both, in-house and outsourced cleaning, have their long list of advantages when you compare each service. So as a business owner that’s just starting out, choosing between these two options might be a bit difficult for you.

Now, as a reliable commercial cleaning service in Grand Rapids, you might expect us to toot our own horn here. However, for the sake of partiality, we decided to give you the gist on both options, so you can choose for yourself!

Hiring an Outsourced Commercial Cleaning Service

Personalized Cleaning Service

Let’s say you want a complete office cleaning service with upholstery services as well as cleaning for special events. You can’t really expect your in-house team to spend more time than necessary on your office, just because you have special needs. But with a commercial cleaning service that knows the specifics, you can expect them to come in whenever you require them.

Limited Stress on Employees

You already have staff that’s busy with work and personal life. You cannot expect them to take 10 minutes out to focus on their cleaning duties. Because truth be told, it will not seem as important to them. Having a team work on cleaning after-hours will take this tedious responsibility away from your workforce.


Think of it as an investment! Outsourcing a cleaning service will not only give you results faster, it’ll also produce a better outcome in many ways i.e. giving your employees a clean, fresh space to work in, which will decrease employee absenteeism , and that will affect overall productivity.

Less Distractive

For those with flexible hours, working while a cleaner goes about vacuuming the place will be a bit too distracting for them. A great benefit of commercial cleaning companies is that they usually do their work at night, when everyone has left. If not, their schedule can easily be adjusted according to your needs.

More Trustworthy

You’re basically handing the keys to your office over to a company that has an online reputation to manage. They will not try to harm their image by doing anything unscrupulous. Additionally, they’ll try to keep things transparent as well by offering complete information on their history, as well as their employees’ history and experience. Not something you can expect from your in-house service.

Hiring an In-House Cleaning Service

Immediate Service

If there is a cleaning emergency that needs to be tended to immediately, your in-house service will most definitely save the day. Given that they’re at the location anyway, you can call on them if there’s anything that needs to be cleaned ASAP.

More Experience

Your in-house service would have more experience cleaning your office, because they’ve been doing so for a longer time. In addition, they’ll also know how to repair something or fix any weak spots if the situation calls for it.

More Security

Of course, you will want to know who comes in and out of your office. With the in-house team, you’ll be able to keep track whenever someone comes into the office. Though, if you consider security to be a priority, the same can be said for a commercial cleaning service, since they’ll have a contract with you to boot.

So what’s the Conclusion?

Comparing both options, here’s the answer: while an in-house service would be a good option, if you require special services like restroom cleaning, restocking, and disinfecting or window washing and blind cleaning, a commercial cleaning service should be your only choice.

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