5 Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Office Environment

Maintaining a clean office at work is essential for promoting a healthy and productive work environment. A clean office not only looks professional but also helps prevent the spread of germs and promotes employee wellbeing. Here are some tips on how to maintain a clean office: Develop a cleaning schedule: A regular cleaning schedule can…

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Maintaining a Clean Office: Why It Matters

An office is more than just a workspace. It’s a place where employees come together to collaborate, create, and produce meaningful work. A clean office can help foster a positive work environment and increase productivity, while a messy office can have the opposite effect. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of a clean…

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The Advantages of Professionally Cleaned Windows

woman cleaning windows at a business wearing a blue work polo and using professional cleaning tools

Owning a business can be expensive and time-consuming. It can be appealing to cut some costs by taking on some major cleaning tasks on your own. Cleaning windows can seem simple enough and is often one of the first tasks business owners try to take on by themselves. Unfortunately, it’s also a task that can…

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5 Cleaning Tips to Boost Productivity

Kleen Office Environment Cleaning to Boost Productivity

Having a clean and neat work environment can exponentially raise productivity in all employees. It keeps employees feeling safe, energetic, and most importantly healthy. Keeping your office neat and tidy can make a world of difference in the life of your employees and even help attract customers. Here are five simple things you can do…

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How to Optimize Your Spring Cleaning

kleen office environments spring cleaning

Spring is on its way and with it comes the eager feeling to begin spring cleaning! In a business setting this can be a bit overwhelming; Spring cleaning on the commercial level means perfecting every nook and cranny and cleaning high traffic areas. It’s best to start with a plan of attack. Decide where to…

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3 Tips to Clean Your Office after the Halloween Party

The aftermath of an office Halloween party can look more like a scene out of a horror movie. With sticky candies, pigmented punch and pumpkin remains all over the carpets and furniture, cleaning the mess up can become quite hectic. So, here are some tips you can use to effectively clean up the mess left…

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Is your Janitorial Staff Cleaning out THESE Spots in Your Office?

office cleaning

Germs—microscopic organisms—that are found everywhere. But there are certain areas in our workplace that are a breeding ground for bacteria. According to research conducted in the University of Arizona, “If one person comes to work sick, they can spread 50% of the germs to their co-workers by lunchtime.” You might want to think twice before touching these…

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3 Benefits of a Clean Working Environment

For full-time employees their workplace is like a second home. A clean and tidy work environment boosts morale. According to research conducted by Harvard and Syracuse Universities, improving air quality at work increases the productivity of workers. A spotless workplace is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also has many other benefits.

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The Health Risks of an Unclean Kitchen

Many restaurant businesses are concerned about health and hygiene standards in their commercial kitchens, and it doesn’t ease their conscious when they hear that 48 million Americans a year get sick because of illnesses caused by microorganisms in food. Whether it’s five-star restaurant or a local deli, if germs get into your customers’ plates, they get…

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4 Reasons to Take Workplace Hygiene Seriously

Is the work morale in your office at an all-time low? Are employees losing productivity because they’re unhappy? Is your assistant calling in sick a lot? Well then perhaps you should take workplace hygiene seriously. Here are a number of reasons why workplace hygiene is an important and effective way to make sure your company…

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