4 Reasons to Take Workplace Hygiene Seriously

Is the work morale in your office at an all-time low? Are employees losing productivity because they’re unhappy? Is your assistant calling in sick a lot? Well then perhaps you should take workplace hygiene seriously.

Here are a number of reasons why workplace hygiene is an important and effective way to make sure your company stays in business for long.  

Happier employees

The workplace environment can influence the employee’s satisfaction at work greatly. Wouldn’t you want to come to work often if you loved your clean workstation and the healthy plants surrounding it? It is likely that workers that feel content will spend more time working, which will boost productivity.

What’s in the image?

Visiting the office is not restricted to just the employees who work there. Clients, investors, suppliers and job applicants are frequent visitors as well. The last thing a business would want would be present a dirty workplace and smelly offices to guests. When it comes to the image of the company, first impression is the last impression.

Imagine no one gets sick!

According to the Wall Street Journal, study finds that healthier workers are more productive Messy kitchens, lack of ventilation and unhygienic cubicles can make your workplace a hub for bacteria generation. Two things can happen; either absenteeism will soar high or employees will keep coming in sick. A study revealed that 93% of the workers would still prefer to work if they think the illness isn’t serious. Either way, work productivity is sure to take a dive.

Are you trippin’?

Nobody wants their employees tripping and breaking bones. Multiple accidents are likely to occur if the office floor is slippery, the carpets are wet, and chunks of food and paper are scattered all over the floor.

A commercial cleaning company is your best bet to tackle all these problems. The office requires a wide range of high quality cleaning services that aren’t simply restricted to mopping floors. Carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and wall cleaning are also essential in preserving the sanitary conditions of the office. Considering that maintaining hygiene requires consistent effort, hiring a cleaning company would reduce the administrative cost of replenishing the cleaning supplies; since the cost would be automatically included in the services being provided.

Situated in Grand Rapids, MI, Kleen Office Environments are effective providers of all the services that an office may require to uphold the standard sanitary regulations. Contact us now and take the first step toward a hygienic workplace.