How to Limit Dust Mites in Your Business

Dust can cause all kinds of problems for a business. From allergies to aesthetic looks it can wreak havoc on your building. Dust mites are small microbes, insect-like beings that live in dust. They produce most of the allergens related to dust and cause problems for employees and customers alike. Thousands can live in places like carpet, upholstered furniture, and curtains. Learning how to limit dust mites in your business can make a world of difference. 

How to Limit Dust Mites


Dust mites are small pests that can prove difficult to rid. Prevention can be the biggest factor in limiting them. Carpets are a prime place for mites to hide. Limiting the amount of carpets in your building can get rid of their main hiding place. Look into easier to keep flooring like tile or linoleum. Where you do have carpet, be sure to vacuum regularly to avoid the build up of dust. Regular carpet cleaning and even dust mite sprays can help keep your carpets free of mites. 


Upholstery can be maintained in much of the same way as carpet. Be sure to vacuum upholstered furniture regularly to avoid dust build up. Furniture, including leather, should be cleaned regularly. Dust mite spray can also be used to help prevent mites from making your office furniture home. 

Other Surfaces

Places like curtains and other soft surfaces are perfect homes for dust mites. The best way to prevent mites in these cases is to replace them with hard surfaces. Hard blinds, plastic chairs, and the like are much easier to clean and are less appealing to dust mites. Keeping surfaces decluttered and dusting regularly can make all the difference in dust mite build up.

Don’t let dust mites wreak havoc on your business. Hire a professional team like Kleen Office Environments to keep the dust and mites at bay.