How Often Should You Schedule Office Cleaning?

calendar open to January with a pair of glasses laying on top while business sets a cleaning schedule

Professional cleaning services have many benefits. Hiring a professional service takes the pressure off of your staff and ensures optimal cleanliness. But how often should you be cleaning your office. It can be hard to determine a cleaning schedule, but our professionals are here to help. 

How Often Should You Schedule Office Cleaning

There are many aspects that go into determining the frequency of cleaning. These are our tips to help you and your cleaning team work out a schedule.

What Needs to be Cleaned?

Ask yourself what parts of your office you want to have cleaned. Some choose to have office staff handle simple tasks like cleaning their workspaces and break areas. Others prefer to have the professionals handle everything, that way employees can focus on other work. Coming up with a list of what you want cleaned can help your cleaning service decide how often they should visit. 

Office Traffic

The amount of foot traffic in your building from staff and clients can play a major factor. If your office sees light foot traffic, it may not need certain places cleaned as often. Offices with high amounts of traffic may need places like flooring, waiting rooms, and restrooms cleaned more often. Be realistic with your cleaning staff, so they can focus effort on high traffic areas and adjust your schedule as needed.

Specialty Services

Talk to your cleaning team about any special services your space may require. Does your office need to be sanitized or deep cleaned regularly? Do you have any guidelines or requirements that need to be met? Be sure to disclose any special needs from the start, that way your cleaning service can help you plan frequency and a service plan.

The experts at Kleen Office Environments can help you find the perfect cleaning regime and schedule. Check out our website for more on our cleaning services