Tips For Cleaning with a Hybrid Work Schedule

man sitting in orange lounge chair using laptop working a hybrid work schedule

The past few years have been nothing if not challenging. From new mandates and health concerns it’s all been overwhelming. Keeping your office clean was already hard enough, but now it is even more difficult. With employees working hybrid schedules setting a cleaning schedule can be difficult. We’re here to help give you some tips on keeping your office clean with a hybrid work schedule. 

How to Keep your Office Clean with a Hybrid Work Schedule

 1. Keep a Schedule

Knowing who is in the office and who is working from home when can be a major help. This can allow you to schedule cleanings when necessary. Many offices are keeping a limited number of employees present at one time. This can help you maintain social distancing and keep employees and clients healthy. You can choose if cleaning will take place while employees are present or if you will be deep cleaning when the office is empty.

2. Make it Easy

The easier it is for your staff to keep up the cleaner your office will be. Set up stations of hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and other cleaning supplies. This will make them easy access for employees to use throughout the day. Wiping down workstations and common spaces throughout the day will not only keep germs at bay but help keep your office clean. 

3. Hire the Professionals

Adding cleaning to your staffs already limited time at the office can disrupt work. Professional cleaning services can take care of the mess for you. They can deep clean and sanitize your office and maintain normal cleaning routines as well. A professional team can help maintain your office’s overall appearance and upkeep the building. The professionals at Kleen Office Environments can help keep your office clean and healthy. 

Let the professionals keep your office clean despite the schedule changes. For more info on our cleaning services checkout our website