How Commercial Cleaning Companies Estimate Cost

a man and woman sitting at a table looking over pricing sheets for a cleaning cost estimate

The cost of cleaning companies can vary even within the same town. Low offers can raise a red flag as to the level of cleaning, but high prices don’t guarantee a higher level of clean either. Knowing what goes into a cleaning company’s estimate can help you determine which company to choose. 

How Commercial Cleaning Companies Estimate Cost

There are a lot of little details that go into calculating a cleaning estimate. If a company tries to give you an estimate based on square footage or number of days needed, keep looking. One size fits all pricing system is not beneficial for them and a sign of poor management. They should be able to give you a break-down of their pricing system and what each service costs. Here are some examples of what they should be calculating.

 – Geographic Area: Location is one of the first things they will look at. What are the area standards and how far is it for them to drive to.

 – Services: Next they will want to know what services you are looking for. This way they can give you an accurate price based on the amount of work. 

 – Frequency: The amount of cleanings each week can vary per business. Deciding whether you need cleaning one, two, or multiple times a week will make a difference in your cost. 

 – Square Footage: Well it shouldn’t be the only factor, square footage is still a factor. The size of your building can make all the difference in cost. 

 – Traffic: The level of foot traffic and number of employees can help a team determine the amount of cleaning needed. 

The Importance of Transparent Pricing

The more transparent a company is about the pricing the better. It can help show integrity and transparency within the company and their staff. When you receive several break-downs you can then compare companies and ask questions if needed. Knowing exactly what you are being charged for and why can help you insure you are hiring the right cleaning company. At Kleen Office Environments we believe in keeping open lines of communication with our clients and being up front about cost. Our team is professionally trained and provides a wide array of services. For more information on our services or to get a quote checkout our website or call us at 616-889-3720 today.