How to Tell if Your Business is Clean

open sign hanging in business window

Summer is here and customers are out and about. The last few years have made consistent schedules and in person purchases difficult, but consumers are back and ready. This means more traffic in your business regardless of the type. Making sure your business is clean can make a world of difference in customer satisfaction and customer/employee health. Here are some quick ways to tell if your business is clean!

How to Tell if Your Business is Clean?


Windows are great for first impressions. They are often the first-place people look when approaching your building. Do you have any signs, does it look friendly inside, and many other observations come from windows? If customers walk up to dirty, streaky, dingy windows it can put them off. It is their first impression of the amount of care and pride you put into your business. A clean window that lets in a lot of light can be the first good sign of a reputable business.


Both exterior and interior doors can add to this overall first impression. When approaching the door consumers are often looking for an inviting feeling. If doors and door handles are full of buildup and not broken properly it can give them the wrong idea of your business. Keeping doors in good, clean working condition can set you up for a successful consumer interaction.


As soon as consumers enter a building, they notice the floors. Seeing dirty, muddy or damaged flooring can give them uneasy feeling. Damaged or dirty floors can be a hazard for some consumers and make them feel unsafe or unwelcome. Certain times of the year can make clean floors hard to achieve, but even a show of effort can go a long way. Cleaning up salt and mud nightly can make a huge difference in winter and spring. While the presence of non slip mats, can help customers feel safe. 


Restrooms see a high level of foot traffic throughout the day and can leave the most lasting impression on consumers. Having clean toilets and sinks can go a long way. Keeping toilet paper, soap and other supplies stocked is not only important for hygiene but the lack of can frustrate and turn customers away. 

Small Details

Small details can make all the difference in maintaining a clean and welcoming environment. Make sure trash cans are emptied regularly and never overflowing. Keep desks decluttered and inviting. A messy desk can give the impression of an unorganized business. Doing the small things like trash pickup, dusting, and simple organizing can make a huge difference in customer approval. 

Don’t let customers slip through your fingers with a bad first impression. Work with a professional company like Kleen Office Environments to make sure your business is always giving off the right first impression! For more tips on how to keep your business clean check out our blog and website!