Commonly Missed Cleaning Areas

cleaning supplies set on a cupboard.

Cleaning can be a big task, especially when it’s added on top of a normal workday. This can lead to missing or passing over many seemingly little things. Commercial cleaning services can help you make sure these commonly missed cleaning areas are never forgotten. Here are some of the most missed areas to remember for your next cleaning day.

Commonly Missed Cleaning Areas

Window Blinds & Curtains

If your space has blinds or window covering of any kind, they can be lower on the list of things to clean. They are out of the way and often go unnoticed by those who frequent your building. Unfortunately, blinds are the perfect place for dust and pollen to build up. This can lead to a host of problems for employees and consumers. Cleaning blinds and window coverings monthly can help avoid the buildup of dust and debris. 

Tight Spaces

Small spaces like under furniture, between desks, and other tight places can be hard to maintain. Not only are they difficult but can take a lot of effort and time to get to. Dust, debris, and other things can hide in these small spaces. This is where cleaning professionals can help. They have the time, tools, and know-how to efficiently clean these tight spaces without putting extra strain on your employees.


From desks to waiting room chairs, office furniture is one of the most overlooked items. It can be easy to dismiss cleaning these items if they appear clean. They can be the perfect spot for dust and debris to hide. Taking time weekly to quickly wipe down and clean underneath furniture can make a world of difference. Breaking these tasks up can help ease the burden. 

Break Rooms

Consumers and clients do not often see break rooms. This means they can take a back seat to the areas of your business that do. It is common for break rooms to receive the minimal cleaning or often neglected. However, it is also the space that can have the biggest effect on employee health and satisfaction. Keeping surfaces wiped down, expired food cleaned out and utensils clean can eliminate harmful germs. Without these tasks mildew, dust, and allergens can grow and cause health concerns for employees. 

Make sure these commonly missed areas are added to your cleaning routine. Breaking up these tasks throughout the week and month can help ease the strain on employees. Professional services like, Kleen Office Environments can also be hired to take the burden off your employees and ensure no tiny detail is missed. For more information on our services and cleaning tips visit our website