How Germs Spread in Your Office Building

a man sitting at a desk with laptop open blowing his nose with tissues all over the desk

Winter may be a beautiful time of year, but it is also the season of sickness and germs. During the winter colds, flu bugs, and more make their way through office buildings, schools and communities. This means work delays and staff shortages. Knowing how germs spread in your office building can help you prevent the spread and keep employees healthy. 

How Germs Spread in Your Office


While many illnesses can spread through airborne transmission, studies show that most office infections spread through contact. The average office employee touches up to 300 surfaces in a half hour. Making it highly likely employees are touching the same surfaces and spreading germs. Surfaces like door handles, copy machines, and phones are some of the most touched surfaces. The average work desk is home to more bacteria than a toilet seat. Having these surfaces properly disinfected during peak seasons can mean the difference between healthy and sick employees. 


It’s no secret that bathrooms can be home to germs. It should be a no-brainer that bathrooms need to be cleaned and disinfected. Reminding employees to wash hands correctly can help prevent the spread of germs from the bathroom to other areas of your office. 

Carpet and Air Ducts

Dust can hide in many places in your office, but carpets and air ducts tend to be the worst culprits. Dust and germs can collect in these places and continually agitate your employees. When heating vents turn on for the first time in the winter they can blow built up dust into your office and cause irritation. Carpets can collect dust and other germs deep down. Having your ducts and carpet professionally cleaned seasonally can help prevent this build up and stop irritations. 

Stay Healthy This Winter

There are many ways you can help prevent the spread of germs in your office. Keep disinfecting wipes handy for employees to use throughout the day. Wipe down high contact surfaces like door handles, desks, keyboards, and office machines. A professional cleaning team, like the one at Kleen Office Environments, can help keep your office disinfected and germ free. For more on our services and team checkout our website.