The Three Levels of Clean

When hiring a cleaning company one of the most important things to discuss is the level of clean your office or building requires. This can help your cleaning company determine the right schedule and service for you. We’ve broken it down into three levels of clean to help you decide which is best for your business. 

Level One: Clean

We describe level one as the clean level. It involves all the basic cleaning tasks a business needs to stay presentable. From sweeping and mopping to dusting and taking the trash out, level one covers all your basic tasks. This is perfect for businesses looking to take these tasks off their employee’s shoulders and keep their business looking tip top.

Level Two: Sanitize

Sanitizing involved all the basic tasks of level one with the added benefit of sanitization. It’s best to talk to your team about the level of clean you expect. At this level they use antibacterial solutions to reduce germs and microbes in your building. This leaves your space not only looking great but sanitized and healthy for all.

Level Three: Disinfect

Some businesses require an extra step above the first two. Disinfecting is perfect for medical facilities and other high traffic places. Approved disinfectants are used to eliminate and inhibit the spread of germs and bacteria. This step above sanitizing can help keep a building and those within it healthy. Be sure to discuss this need with your cleaning company so they can provide the best products and services for your needs. 

How Often Should You Use a Cleaning Team?

The level and frequency of your cleaning service is the first discussion you should have with your cleaning company. We can help you evaluate your needs based on your type of business and foot traffic. Some spaces like office buildings and small retail stores may only need weekly cleaning. Others like medical facilities and high traffic retail spaces may require daily cleaning. Some may even require day porter services for small tasks through out the day. The experts at Kleen Office Environments can help you find the perfect level of service to fit your business needs.