The Health Risks of an Unclean Kitchen

Many restaurant businesses are concerned about health and hygiene standards in their commercial kitchens, and it doesn’t ease their conscious when they hear that 48 million Americans a year get sick because of illnesses caused by microorganisms in food.

Whether it’s five-star restaurant or a local deli, if germs get into your customers’ plates, they get a one-way free pass into their system.

Restaurants that have terrible kitchen conditions, with unwashed plates in the sink, mold on sponges and a refrigerator that smells a little suspicious every time your staff opens it can give people nasty food positioning, or worse.

Here are some of the health risks to watch out for in commercial kitchens.

Sponges and cloths

Imagine a busy day at your restaurant; the chef’s working hard and one guy is frantically cleaning all the dishes piling up. Ever wonder what could happen from using the same cloth to wash all dishes?

One of the main sources of bacteria can be reusing unclean cloths and sponges. It is advised that one should immerse their cloths in warm water and frequently change them to get rid of any germs and bacteria. Otherwise they’ll just sit in your kitchen harboring diseases.

Your exhaust is exhausted

Cooking for most of the day makes the exhausts accumulate grease and bacteria. This is can be one of the most harmful things in your kitchen because enough grease accumulation restricts the air flow in the kitchen. Accidents involving gas and fires can occur easily in such an environment.

The kitchen appliances

No matter how many times you put pizzas in your oven for customers, it has to be cleaned frequently. A dirty oven is a fire hazard if left unchecked. Similarly, unclean kitchen appliances can lead to a buildup of mold and bacteria.

 Your refrigerator is not cool!

That’s right. Your refrigerator can try all it wants to keep your food fresh but since commercial kitchens have leftovers, you might as well give up. Old food, unclean food containers and items can infect the fridge drawers and generate bacteria.

It is evident that cleaning a kitchen thoroughly is of utmost importance, and the job is anything but easy. No one wants to get their customers sick and have their business shut down. Hiring a cleaning company to do the job for you seems like a good option. More than equipped to restore your kitchen to sanitary standards, they will sweep, mob and scrub till its spotless.

If your kitchen needs immediate saving, contact Kleen Office Environments in Grand Rapids, MI and let them rescue you from all the germs.