How to Optimize Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is on its way and with it comes the eager feeling to begin spring cleaning! In a business setting this can be a bit overwhelming; Spring cleaning on the commercial level means perfecting every nook and cranny and cleaning high traffic areas. It’s best to start with a plan of attack. Decide where to start, what supplies or products you will need, or even better choose a reliable team to do the cleaning for you.

At Kleen Office Environments we are experts in cleaning year-round, but especially in deep spring cleaning. Here some areas we suggest focusing on this spring:


The first thing people notice walking into to your business is the ground beneath their feet. Winter here in Michigan is hard on flooring of all kinds. Snow, salt, and mud stains all wear at flooring giving it a dirty and dingy appearance. A thorough cleaning of your flooring can revitalize your buildings appearance and lengthen the life of your floors. Vacuum and sweep your floors regularly to help throughout the year, spot cleaning stains can help keep them looking beautiful. A deep cleaning of carpets and buff/scrub of tile can do wonders.

Pressure Washing

The outside of your business is just as important as the inside! Power washing your sidewalks, walkways, and outside walls can keep your outside appearance crisp and clean. A power washer can remove any buildup of sand, salt, or other debris built up over the year making the building look clean and attractive.


Windows can be a pain, especially in tall buildings, but having clean windows lets in more natural light and keeps your atmosphere fresh and clean feeling. The winter elements can build up on your outer windows and make outdoor cleaning hard, spring is a great time to clean both inside and outside window panes.


Unless your furniture is in dismay it can often get overlooked but maintaining furniture at least twice a year is highly recommended. Removing dust, cleaning upholstery, and wiping down all surfaces can improve air quality, keep furniture looking great, and lengthen the life span of items. Clearing off surfaces and wiping down the entire surface and dusting them at least twice a year can make all the difference.


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Even if you dust your business often there are bound to be hard to reach spots that get missed. Taking the time to dust out of reach places such as light fixtures, ceiling corners, vents, and molding can reduce the number of allergens and improve the air quality. 

Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming but with the right game plan or cleaning team on your side it can make all the difference in the appearance of your business. Contact Kleen Office Environments today for all your spring cleaning and general cleaning needs at our website or call 616-889-3720 !