5 Cleaning Tips to Boost Productivity

Kleen Office Environment Cleaning to Boost Productivity

Having a clean and neat work environment can exponentially raise productivity in all employees. It keeps employees feeling safe, energetic, and most importantly healthy. Keeping your office neat and tidy can make a world of difference in the life of your employees and even help attract customers. Here are five simple things you can do to keep your office clean and productive:

  1. Dust 

Dusting is super simple and can help in many ways. Dust can cause allergens in the air, making employees sick and causing them to need time off. Keeping surfaces dust free will help with employee health. A dust free office also looks great for customers and shows you take pride in your office. Moving objects on desks and doing a complete wipe down once a week is highly recommended. 

  1. Sweep

Dirty and cluttered floors not only make for an unsafe environment, but they also turn off customers. Appearances play a big role in customers’ impression of businesses. Dirty floors are something customers notice right away and may lead them to make judgements about your services or products. Sweep floors daily and keep them free of clutter to give your best impression and keep employees safe. 

  1. Trash

Nothing is worse than a dirty, smelly trash can. Full trash cans can cause odors and attract pests, both of which can be distracting to employees. Employees need fresh clean air in order to be productive. Smelly, pest filled garbage cans make employees sick and lead to bigger problems in the workplace. 

  1. Phones & Keyboards

Phones and keyboards are breeding grounds for germs. They often get overlooked during cleaning but are touched all day long. It’s important to disinfect these surfaces everyday to prevent the spread of germs and be sure to disinfect in between different employees’ uses during times of illness. 

  1. Flooring

Sometimes sweeping is not enough to take care of flooring. Carpets will need to be vacuumed and hard floors will need the occasional washing. All flooring types can absorb bad odors and dirt if not properly cleaned. Cleaning floors thoroughly every so often can do a world of wonder for your office appearance and air quality. Scents like orange and lemon can help energize workers and boost productivity. Adding these scents or using scented cleaners can help boost morale.

These are simple tasks you can do on your own but here at Kleen Office Environments we know the workday is already long enough. For help with the simple and big cleaning task Kleen Office Environments is here!  We have over 20 years of experience in the professional cleaning industry and can’t wait to help your business grow! Check out our website for references and to contact us!