How to Clean Medical Offices

Hospitals are hosts to a number of germs and infectious diseases, and if hygiene isn’t maintained, others can be at risk for catching diseases and falling sick. Hospitals and medical clinics often hire professional janitorial services to ensure hygiene can be maintained around the clock.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has developed some guidelines pertaining to strict cleanliness in medical settings to ensure that all medical complexes do everything they can to keep people safe. Here are some steps that you can follow to achieve quality cleanliness in your medical facility.

Replace Used Items Immediately

It’s of utmost importance that the linens on the bed are immediately changed after the patient is dismissed. From used towels and patient gowns—anything a patient uses or comes in contact with can become contaminated with germs and infectious bacteria that can pass on to other patients. Disposing of used items or having them thoroughly sanitized guarantees such accidents don’t happen.

Sterilize All Tools Separately

Once a patient leaves the doctor’s room, make sure all tools used are collected in a tray and taken to a designated spot for cleaning and sterilization. This ensures that the doctor doesn’t mistakenly use anything that’s not clean or not sterile on the next patient.

Wipe Everything with a Disinfectant

It only makes sense that a medical facility be perfectly clean in all places, so make sure all the surfaces like countertops, tables, patient desks, doorknobs, chairs, glass, and simply everything that a disinfectant can be used on is cleaned with it. This helps make sure that any surface that people can touch, or has been touched (sick or not), is cleaned.

All Equipment Must Be Cleaned

Patient safety and care is a hospital’s primary priority and for that purpose, using clean tools and equipment is of absolute significance. Use a disinfectant to clean tools like thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, dental tools, and any portable equipment before using them on any patient.

Clean the Waiting Area

The waiting area is the area where people come and leave most frequently, and that’s perhaps the area that harbors most germs. Tidy up the area and clean the chairs, tables, waiting counters and floors with a disinfectant.

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