Tips For Choosing The Best Medical Cleaning Service

Finding the right cleaning service can be tough for any business but finding the right service to care for your medical facility can be even harder. Medical facilities require special care and attention to detail, without the right cleaning service your facility can fall into disarray and even fail inspections. Here are some tips to help you when choosing the right medical cleaning service.

  • Look for a company with experience and references. The best bargain won’t always do in this situation, a service with lots of prior knowledge that comes recommended will know what to expect when working around medical equipment and expectations. They will know to train their staff to handle specific needs of medical facilities, such as bio hazards and confidential materials.
  • They should know their products and be able to recommend the best disinfectants and cleaners for your business. Keeping your facility not just clean but disinfected is important and your cleaning service should keep that their number one priority. When asked they should be able to recommend and use the best products to suit your needs.
  • Make sure they are willing to work with you in case of changes or emergencies. You never know what will happen in the medical field, be sure they can be on call for emergency clean ups and are comfortable cleaning if you make any office changes or updates.
  • Work with them to ensure the most trafficked are cleaned thoroughly. A good medical cleaning company should know to pay special attention to exam room and waiting areas but go over any areas you wish to have extra attention paid to and which should receive a simple cleaning.
  • A good medical cleaning service generally is not the cheapest, because of the extra effort put into cleaning specific medical necessities. Be sure to go over cost with the company and get a break down. Discuss topics like who is covering the cost of cleaning products and other supplies. Find out if they will be covering restroom supplies as part of their service, medical staff tend to wash their hands numerous times and having lots of supplies on hand is essential.
  • If your facility requires any special licensing for disposal of specific chemicals, drugs, or waste be sure to check the company has all licensing and keeps employees properly trained. A medical cleaning service should train employees for cleaning after things such as blood born pathogens, body fluids, and more.

Be sure to choose the medical cleaning service that fits your business and team the best. Remember a friendly face and smile is always important too. For professional cleaning in the Grand Rapids area contact Kleen Office Environments at 616-889-3720! Click here for a list of our services and see how we can help keep your office germ free!