Top 3 Germiest Places in Your Office

You might wash your hands valiantly after using the work restroom or sanitize after touching a sick coworker’s desk, but unfortunately office germs are lurking everywhere even in some not so noticeable spots. Here are some of the germiest places found in offices and ways you help keep your office clean and germ free.
1. Break Room. The break-room isn’t just a favorite to employees, but to germs too. The top spots for germ build up being the sink faucet handles, microwave door handle, refrigerator, and the coffee pot.
Cleaning tips: Disinfectant spray and a paper towel can do wonders here! Wipe down surfaces handles often, every time a new pot of coffee is made wipe the pot’s handle. Be sure to take home leftovers from the refrigerator and throw out unused items at the end of each week.
2. At you Desk. Things like keyboards, mice, and phones are breading grounds for germs, especially with how often they are touched. The University of Arizona found that a typical office phone hosts 25,000 germs per square inch.
Cleaning tips: Keep some disinfectant wipes on hand and wipe down your mouse, keyboard, and phone at the end of every day, more if any sickness is being passed around the office. Keep hand sanitizer at your desk and use it throughout the day to minimize the number of germs being transferred to items at your desk.
3. Waiting Areas. Public areas see a lot more traffic and in turn a lot more germs. Objects such as, chair backs and arms, vending machines, and water fountains are often riddled with germs if not kept clean. Cleaning this area every day, if not through out the day is often important.
Cleaning tips: Depending on the amount of traffic through the area you may need to clean multiple times a day, daily, or less often. Be sure to wipe down any chairs, surfaces, and buttons with disinfectant. Be sure to clean not only the buttons on the water fountain but also the bowl, spout, and drain. Keeping the most frequently touched areas, such as, door handles, chair arms, counters, and buttons clean will help tremendously.
It’s important to take care of the high germ areas in your office, be sure your cleaning service is meeting your needs and taking care of all the germiest places around your business. For professional cleaning in the Grand Rapids area contact Kleen Office Environments at 616-889-3720! Click here for a list of our services and see how we can help keep your office germ free!