Protect Your Employees from the Flu This Year

Did you know that the flu making rounds in the office has a potential to negatively affect your business? The negative economic effect due to flu outbreak makes up for more than $16 billion in lost wages.

Based on 2003 US population, the annual influenza epidemics resulted in 3.1 million hospitalized days, and 31.4 million outpatient visits.

From hospital visits and treatment costs to missed days at work and lost income, the burden is far too great to ignore a prevailing outbreak in the work environment.

Preventive Measures

Taking steps for prevention is critical to keep your business afloat; it’s never too soon to start preparing.

According to the CDC, workplaces can act as a ‘point of spread’ for an influenza outbreak. With the 2019–2020 flu season approaching, certain steps can be taken on individual, group and executive level to prevent an office flu infectivity.

Influenza has the potential to become a serious disease when left untreated.  The more you talk about the risks of flu, the higher are chances of your employees taking the preventive steps more seriously.


Educating your employees about vaccination against influenza should be your top priority. Every flu season is different from the previous one; encourage the staff to get vaccinated each year.

Hand Washing

Adding signs on bathroom and kitchen doors to encourage hand washing after toilet use and before eating, respectively, will allow for a germ-free office environment.

Sick Leaves

Tough attendance policies of an office are grounds for employers to come in, even when suffering from flu. Promote a work culture that discourages this and grants sick leaves to prevent the whole office from contracting an infection.

Keeping Distance

Unnecessary contact, handshakes, group meetings and sharing food are all the factors that allow for the spread of the infection. You could maybe put up signs for sick employees to wear masks.

Sanitation Services

Don’t wait for the flu season to hit before hiring a professional office sanitization company. Your office’s overall sanitation plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of infection spread. Alcohol cleaning of door knobs, desk surfaces and computer equipment like keyboards can inactivate the influenza virus.

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