What Can Commercial Custodians Do For Your Office?

The Main Tasks of A Commercial Cleaning Services Firm
Kleen Office Environments is an organization that provides detailed, quality cleaning services to commercial facilities while fostering open communication with each and every client. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, which is why we have chosen to write this informational article. Here, you can learn more about the main occupational tasks of a customized office cleaning services company.
Reliable and dedicated commercial custodians are professionals who take care of schools, nursing homes, emergency rooms, office buildings and commercial spaces. These individuals are relied on for multiple tasks, from cleaning floors to window washing and blind cleaning to complete carpet care and to special event services.
Although the janitorial services can involve the routine cleaning of an office, the usual duties can be accompanied by special requests, such as tile and grout restoration, upholstery cleaning, pressure washing, and even hard surface floor refinishing.
A commercial cleaning services firm usually comes for the cleaning of office spaces when they are empty. Sometimes the work is required to be done in the evening hours, and this could include restocking the bathrooms and toilets, as well as the cleaning. Depending on the type of building, it may also involve mopping, sweeping, buffing and scrubbing for optimal floor polishing. Commercial custodians can also be responsible for cleaning other types of surfaces, for example steel, tables, mirrors and carpets of all fiber and texture. Also, they are responsible for cleaning areas such as the lights, vents, walls and partitions.
The work of these professionals is what makes a building feel welcoming and well-maintained. There is nothing worse than having a high priority meeting with someone who is coming in from outside of the business to a dirty and messy office environment. We are professionals and understand the need for us to not only look the part, but at exceed at what we do and how we do it.
If you are in the need for professional, reliable and dedicated commercial custodians that can provide you with outstanding service in the Grand Rapids, Michigan and surrounding areas, then look no further than Kleen Office Environments. We want to be your go to team to ensure your office and special events are clean, satisfactory, and welcoming. Contact us or call us at 616-889-3720!

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