Why Regular Office Cleaning Could Transform Your Company

Success in business is as much being good as looking good. Luckily we are here to help you with both. Did you know, for instance, that regular office cleaning has a direct correlation to your efficiency?
Disorganization can be poisonous in the workplace. If the office is to be respected as a place of business, it must be treated like one in every facet. This includes, and perhaps most significantly applies to, office cleanliness. Tidiness improves the quality of work and people are greatly impacted by their environments.
Did you know your average desk phone generally contains 25,000 bacteria per square inch? Depending on the type of germs, it can take as little as a single bacterium or several hundred to get you sick. Nonetheless, the density we’re talking about on the phone is a huge culprit in itself. Everyone touches the phone after touching all sorts of other things, and worse yet we hold the phones to our faces!

Any time a client or customer sets foot in an office, they are making judgments and assertions. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they gather an impression based on what they see, and that will carry over to their impression of the people and work they observe. And as we all know, a bad first impression can be difficult to overcome. Typically a client’s first impression of a business comes from the office space. How can your clients expect professionalism from you if you don’t uphold a high standard in your own office? Quite simply: they can’t.
At Kleen Office Environments (KOE), we cover all these bases for you. From conference rooms to desks, bathrooms to break rooms, and floors, we make sure your work space is hygienic and visually appealing for a smooth work day. Illness is inevitable at some point or another, but it doesn’t have to stem from your work place. Don’t put yourself in a tough position with missing staff due to illness during critical times.
Contact us today for your professional cleaning quote and see what services could transform your company!

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