What is Better for Your Business: Day or Night Cleaning?

man working in an office late at night with lights shut off except for the laptop at his desk

After you’ve made the decision to use a commercial cleaning company, comes the task of deciding when to have them clean. Many companies offer both day and night cleaning options to accommodate for all business types and schedules. For some the decision is about budget, while for others it is about containing mess during peak traffic times. No matter your reason it’s important to consider all factors when deciding between day or night cleaning. 

What is Better Day or Night Cleaning

Day Cleaning 

There are many pros and cons to having your cleaning team come during the day. Day time cleaning crews are often at your business before peak hours ensuring your business is clean and ready for the day to start. You can also schedule them to come during or right after peak traffic hour to maintain your business’s clean appearance all day long. 

Day time cleaning also tends to be more energy efficient. Since cleaners are in the building at the same time as employees, they are not using extra electricity after hours. Night cleaning requires the use of lights and power after normal business hours, increasing your buildings normal energy usage. Having your cleaning team come during normal working hours can cut down on this extra usage and save on extra electricity usage over time. 

If you are concerned about security, daytime cleaning can add an extra level of overwatch. While all cleaning teams are thoroughly vetted and safe, the extra in and out of the building at night can jeopardize security. Having your team come during the day, means your building will remain locked and unopened during evening hours. 

Night Cleaning

Night cleaning can also be a great option, especially for busy operations. Businesses that see high amounts of traffic may opt for evening cleaning to avoid the extra foot traffic and interruptions. Night cleaning leaves your walkways open during the day time, so clients can move freely without any hassle or interruptions. Cleaning after business hours means no loud cleaning noises to disrupt employees or distract workflow. 

Employee health can also factor into your decision. If you have employees with sensitive allergies, evenings may be a better time to clean. Dusting and vacuuming can kick dust up into the air causing employees to sneeze and cough. Cleaning at night gives the air time to clear and cleaners time to clear out any dust or debris. 

With current restrictions right now, it can be hard to meet all cleaning goals and stay under the capacity limits for buildings. Commercial cleaning teams wear all appropriate PPE for yours and their protection. Cleaning at night can keep you from having to add a whole cleaning team to your buildings headcount and meeting capacity limits. Our cleaning teams can have your building up to CDC disinfected standards and safe for all who enter the next day. 

Day and Night Cleaning

Perhaps you still can’t choose which is best for you? That’s okay, it doesn’t have to be just day or night cleaning, you could do some of both! Day porter services are the perfect solution for those who need a bit of both. Day porters are available for any major clean up you may need taken care of during the day. Meanwhile, all major cleaning still happens at night. They take care of big messes like spilled coffee, snow and salt mess, full trash cans, and small daily emergencies. Then in the evenings a full team deep cleans the building to get it back in tip-top shape for the next day. This is a great solution for large businesses that need the extra hand and don’t want a full crew under foot during the day. 

Kleen Office Environments is happy to help you with your commercial cleaning needs no matter the schedule! Our 20+ years of experience have made experts in customer service and cleaning. For more information on our services, reviews from past clients or more visit our website!