Easy Ways to Keep Your Office Staff Healthy

office worker drinking coffee in healthy office

Good health has been on everyone’s mind for months now. Between the pandemic and flu season there has never been a better time to encourage a healthy lifestyle in your office! Having a healthy staff means having a happier staff and more productive staff! Keeping a whole building of people healthy at the same time is not always easy though. We’ve but together a few easy tips to help promote health within your office.

1. Encourage Cleaning/Sanitizing

We know hand washing and sanitizing has been thrown at the public from every angle lately but there really is truth to it. Encourage your employees to sanitize their workspace throughout the day and especially at the end of the day. Take turns sanitizing shared spaces and equipment. Remind employees of the importance of hand washing, and not just when they’ve used the restroom. They should be washing or sanitizing when they have touched their face, coughed or sneezed, or touched shared spaces too.

2. Promote Healthy Habits

A healthy lifestyle at work and home can make a huge difference in your employees’ health. Encourage your employees to take a health journey together. Offer a health or gym membership as a bonus if your company allows. Instead of employees bringing in unhealthy treats to share, ask them to bring fruits and creative healthy snacks. Provide healthy snacks and drinks for meetings instead of quick things like donuts. Start by setting an example for your employees. Swap your office pop machine for a large water cooler. Well hydrated individuals tend to get ill less than others. You just might help your employees make a few lifestyle changes and amp up your productivity at the same time.

3. Ask Sick Employees to Stay Home

It is always hard to have an employee off, even if just for a day. Your employee’s health should come first though. If an employee is sick, ask them to stay home for a day or two until they are feeling better. There are a lot of added benefits to this. First, they won’t be spreading their germs to the rest of your staff. Hopefully then no other employees will need to take time off for the same illness, saving you in the long run. Second, with more time to rest and less stress from work they should recover faster. This way they can be back to work faster. Giving your employees the time, they need to heal can help keep your office healthy and lead to harder working employees.

4. Educate

One of the biggest tools you have at your dispense is knowledge. Talk to your HR team or create a health committee. Have them create a newsletter, fliers, or hold monthly meetings. This way they can inform your employees on these practices and others that can keep them safe and healthy. They may seem like small things, but they may help prevent a large number of employee illnesses. Educate your employees on everything from the spread of germs to healthy living. The more encouraged they feel the easier it will be for them to make the changes.

Remember healthy employees are happy employees. Kleen Office Environments has over 20 years of cleaning experience, and we would love to help you keep a healthy space for your employees. Let us help you keep your office clean and healthy for your staff and create a healthy work environment. For more information visit our website to see our list of services or contact us!