Keep Your Office Clean by Being Proactive

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Having a clean office is always a priority but how can you keep it clean with such a busy schedule. One of the best cleaning habits our cleanest customers have is being proactive and anticipating cleaning needs and changes. How you may ask? Well it’s like your home, if you are having company over you don’t wait until they arrive to clean, instead you clean ahead of time and anticipate their arrival. It may take some practice to anticipate the cleaning needs of your business, but Kleen Office Environments is here to help with a few planning tips to get you on the right track:

Busy Seasons & Weather

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While foot traffic can’t always be predicted most businesses have a busy time of year, this is a great time to increase cleaning. If warm weather brings more customers to your office, then this is a great time to increase indoor and outdoor walkway cleaning. If winter is your busy time prepare for snow and salt build up. During high traffic times is a good time to increase floor cleaning, schedule professional floor cleanings, and increase your overall cleaning of frequented areas. Talk to your cleaning vendor and come up with a plan that fits your needs and keeps your business both functional and in prime condition.


power washing

Projects like construction and landscaping can pose their own challenge to the cleanliness of your office. If you’re remodeling or doing repairs, you can expect all types of debris and dust. Things like paint, wood shavings, dust, dirt, and equipment can all clutter your workspace and make it look less than desirable. Be sure to notify your cleaning company of the upcoming project and work with them and your construction company to keep a solid cleaning schedule. Keeping things clean during construction can not only keep customers and clients happy but also keep from damaging any of your equipment or space from the dust and debris.

Outdoor projects like landscaping, while beautiful at the end can be messy to undertake. Having an open line of communication with your landscaper about the expectations you have for areas your customers or clients will be can make all the difference. You can also discuss the possibility of having your cleaning vendor pay special attention to outdoor walkways. A simple power washing of the buildings exterior or sidewalks after work can make all the difference.


The health of your employees and customers should always be top priority. Being prepared for flu seasons and other outbreaks can help you stay ahead of the game. Be sure to keep the proper cleaning supplies and disinfectants on hand and set up a cleaning rotation to fit the coming season with your vendor. Make sure that not only do you have the proper cleaning supplies but that they are being used correctly and efficiently. Kleen Office Environments has experience cleaning all environments including medical facilities and is prepared to help you tackle this flu season. We recommended washing hands thoroughly, sanitizing office supplies and equipment, keeping disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in key locations, and encouraging sick employees to stay home as key steps to keeping a healthy office environment.

Keeping an office clean can be a difficult task but with the proper proactive planning and team behind you can keep your office inviting and healthy. Kleen Office Environments has over 20 years of experience in the professional cleaning industry and can help you make and execute a plan to keep your space welcoming to all. Visit our website today to get more cleaning tips and learn more about Kleen Office Environments.