Outsourcing Cleanliness Jobs: A Guide

When you’re on a tight budget and have a lot to focus on to enhance the profitability of your business, cleanliness is probably the last thing that comes to your mind. It may not even make the cut.

That’s why your best bet is to outsource it, as this allows you to save time and resources, while maintaining standards!

In fact, contrary to popular belief, outsourcing cleaning services is a very effective business strategy. Let’s discuss how it helps.

Cost Effectiveness

This may come as a surprise, but outsourcing is actually quite cost-effective. This is because it takes less time for a commercial cleaning services like ours to clean your office when compared to staff, as our crew is trained to perform effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, you will not have to incur any recruiting, hiring, screening and training costs, as we will handle these tasks ourselves.

Ease of Management

Since all cleaning chores are our responsibility, you will not have to engage in any kind of cleaning task. Every day when you walk in to work, you will get an impeccably clean office!

We’ll handle everything from supply procurement, staffing issues, equipment repairs, standards and training. Even insurance coverage will be handled by us, so you will not have to worry about any additional costs or strain.


Outsourcing also means highly well-trained and experienced cleaners will be taking care of your office. This is not only time-efficient, but you also won’t have to supervise workers while they’re cleaning places.

Redirection of Focus

If everything else is taken care of, you can easily redirect your focus toward core business matters. Since these matters directly affect the profitability and liquidity of the business, you need to give them undivided attention. Outsourcing will help you do that.

Other Services

Another advantage of outsourcing is that while you get commercial cleaning services from a provider like us, you can also opt for carpet cleaning services, window washing, etc.

You can even schedule regular cleanups to keep your office well-maintained. This will relieve you from the additional burden of hiring maintenance services for other aspects of the building.

If you’re looking for such a contractor, that provides you with commercial cleaning services, let us help. We serve Grand Rapids, MI and would love to work with you.

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