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3 Tips to Clean Your Office after the Halloween Party

The aftermath of an office Halloween party can look more like a scene out of a horror movie. With sticky candies, pigmented punch and pumpkin remains all over the carpets and furniture, cleaning the mess up can become quite hectic. So, here are some tips you can use to effectively clean up the mess left…

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The Biggest Factors of an Untidy Office

Did you know a clean, tidy and organized workplace doesn’t just increase employee productivity but also improves their mental health? However, maintaining a completely clean and hygienic work environment can become quite a difficult task if your office keeps getting messy and cluttered on a daily basis. So here are some of the biggest factors that…

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4 Forgotten Spots to Clean in Your Office

Getting your office carpets, desks and upholstery cleaned regularly is a no-brainer. They’re always visible, cover a large area in the office and even small amount of dust, stains or traffic patterns become easily noticeable. But there are other areas in your office that are easily forgotten. Dirt, dust and grime build up in these…

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