Why Cleaning Office Doors is Important

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Entrance ways to rooms can be easily overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but they shouldn’t be. Office doors are one of the most touched and used surfaces. It’s important to pay attention to the cleaning needs of your building’s doors and entry ways. Have you discussed the importance of cleaning office doors with you cleaning team?

Why Cleaning Office Doors is Important?

It’s important to discuss the importance of cleaning doors with your cleaning team. The more they know the better they will understand the importance of the job they are doing. Doors and entrance ways are frequently touched by both employees and visitors. This can lead to the spread of germs, viruses, and other bacteria. Keeping these surfaces clean can be vital to your office’s overall health.

Your office doors are the gateway to each new part of your building. You want them to give off a good impression. With a large amount of traffic coming through they can become dirty from fingerprints and scuffed from shoes. Keeping doors clean can give your office a facelift. They can boost visitors first impression of your business. Having clean doors is vital to your office’s appeal and health.

Cleaning Tips for Doors

Cleaning your office doors does not have to be a long process. A microfiber or gentle cloth and disinfectant is best. This will allow you to rid germs and buff out spots. For tough spots consider using a brush or pad but do not over scrub, you don’t want to damage the doors paint. For extra help consult a professional service. At Kleen Office Environments we can help you with cleaning and disinfecting your entire office, including your doors!

Kleen Office Environments

Kleen Office Environments has over 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. We can help you with your professional office cleaning needs. From disinfecting doors to keeping your reception area spotless, we are here to help your business look its best. For more information on our services checkout our website or call us at 616-889-3720!