Cleaning to Prevent Common Allergies

preventative cleaning

It is no secret that an unclean work environment is unhealthy to those both working and visiting. In addition to being hazardous and unhealthy unclean work environments can also be prone to various common allergens. These allergens can cause a slew of problems for those entering your building. Allergies can be serious problems for both clients and employees alike. Keeping a clean workspace can help prevent common allergies. Most common allergens can be prevented with simple cleaning tasks.

Dust Allergies

Dust can be a tricky allergen. These allergies spike when particles of dust accumulate in excess in the persons surroundings. It can be hard to get dust under control with the amount of pollutants and particles in the air in many places today. A good cleaning service will know how to properly clean all spaces for dust. Vacuuming twice a week and dusting once a week at minimum for most businesses will help keep the dust under control. A good cleaning company will be able to evaluate your business and suggest a proper cleaning schedule.

Pollen Allergies

Pollen is perhaps the most challenging allergen to prevent. It can be difficult to see pollen particles in the air and predict exactly when pollen will be at its peak. Cleaning these particles from indoors can be difficult but a properly cleaned ventilation system and following proper dust cleaning procedures will help immensely.

Contact Allergies

Contact or skin contact allergies result from irritants coming in direct contact with the skin. They result in a rash known as contact dermatitis. Keeping commonly known allergens cleaned and out of common areas is the easiest way to avoid this allergy. Be sure to use only fragrance-free soaps and lotions in common areas. Keep any chemicals in locked supply closest or cabinet. Clean up and throw away any old or dirty objects, metal scraps, and old paperwork. Ask employees if they have any specific allergies and give them to your cleaning company. They can help you come up with a proper cleaning plan.

Insect Allergies

Insects and rodents can lead to allergies and other illness. Having an unclean workspace is a haven for both. Keeping insects and rodents away is fairly easy with proper cleaning. To keep them away simply keep items picked up and clean. Insects prefer damp places to hide. Keeping moisture to a minimum and eliminating clutter will prevent insects from moving in. Eliminating clutter or food mess will help to deter rodents. Any proper cleaning team can help you prevent and eliminate insects and rodents.

Having a good cleaning service on your side can keep your employees and clients healthy and allergy free. At Kleen Office Environments we will work with you to prevent common allergies in your workspace. We have years of experience cleaning all types of office spaces and are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. To learn more about our services visit our website or contact us today at 616-889-3720!