Preventing ‘Slip & Fall’ Lawsuits at Your Business

stopping lawsuits with proper precautions

The last thing any business owner or manager wants to happen is a customer or employee falling and getting hurt. Every business pride’s themselves on being safe and welcoming to all who enter. Even the slightest accident can be detrimental to their reputation and no one wants to see a valued customer hurt. On top of all that now comes the fear of a possible lawsuit. Slip and fall lawsuits happen after someone hurts themselves falling on a business property. Usually, this situation could have been avoided by proper maintenance. As someone in charge of a business it’s important to work toward preventing slip and fall lawsuits. With the proper preparations preventing slip and fall lawsuits doesn’t have to be hard.

Maintain Flooring & Outdoor Spaces

Maintaining the surfaces your visitors walk on is one of the biggest precautions you can take in preventing a slip and fall lawsuit. Uneven sidewalks can lead to tripping. Holes in the parking lot can cause twisted ankles. Gaps in flooring or lifted carpet can cause customers to trip or fall. Do a building walk through often and have a professional out occasionally to check through your flooring. They can recommend any maintenance your building needs.

Keep Floors Clean

Clean flooring is safe flooring. Not only does clean flooring last longer and prevent things like gaps or torn carpet, but it is safer to navigate. Keeping debris and dirt off of your floor keeps it safe for walking. Dusty or muddy tile can be slippery. Wet carpet can be slick and ice on carpet can cause shoes to roll. Pay attention to season changes and clean accordingly. Use hazard signs to mark wet or slippery floors and tape off dangerous zones in outdoor areas. Prevention is the easiest way to avoid an accident.

Call the Experts

Using a professional cleaning service is a great way to ensure your flooring is always clean and ready for customers. A professional team will be able to make you aware of deteriorating flooring conditions. They can make recommendations on better ways to clean and keep an eye on your building’s conditions. Kleen Office Environments is experienced in various kinds of floor cleaning. We can help recommended the best practices for your business to keep it safe and welcoming.

Keeping your building safe for all who enter is important. Cleaning is a great way to prevent slip and fall lawsuits! Kleen Office Environments is here to help you with all your cleaning needs and keep your building safe! Contact us today for a full list of services at 616-889-3720!