5 Tips for Keeping a Clean Reception Area

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A business’s reception area is the first place a customer or client sees. It is the first impression they have of your business. The time they spend waiting in your reception area will have a major impact on the opinion they form of your business. Customers will form their first opinions before they even step beyond the reception area based on its looks and feel. Keeping a clean reception area can boost your business credibility, appeal, and make visitors feel welcome. Our team has come up with a few tips to help you keep your reception area in top shape for any visiting guests.

1. Keep it Open

An overcrowded reception area can be extremely unpleasing to eye. It can cause stress for employees and give visitors the wrong impression of your business. Keeping an organized and open reception area can give off a clean and maintained impression. If your reception area is small, consider using less furniture and streamlining your set up. Sleek, minimalist chairs take up less space and are easier to clean than sofas. Keep walkways to entrances and exits free of obstacles. This will make things feel open and free flowing. If your reception area double as a storage area, consider utilizing storage solutions and stationary to keep things looking neat. Minimize the number of magazines and other clutter. Instead, opt for a few current subscriptions. The less crowded your reception area is the cleaner it will look. 

2. Focus on the Flooring

The reception area will receive the highest volume of traffic in your business. Employees will walk through during the day and guest will enter and exit. A dirty carpet will not only deter from the rooms appeal and looks but can also be a health and safety hazard. Take extra care to choose a flooring that will hold up to the high traffic. When cleaning this area be sure it has extra attention paid and have it professionally cleaned often. A dirty carpet can often make guests question if other areas have been neglected and turn them off from other areas. 

3. Smells are Important

Open floor plans are great but can lead to smells easily wafting throughout the whole building, including the reception area. You don’t want customers to smell something strong like a break room lunch or old coffee. Some visitors or employees may be sensitive smells too. A good practice to minimize smell is to keep structural blockades or screens between your reception area and areas where these smells occur. You may also consider setting rules to ban food, perfumes, or other strong-smelling substances in the reception area. Depending on your type of business this rule may be more important than others.  

4. Decorate Minimally 

As we mentioned above, overcrowding can make your reception area look cluttered. When it comes to decorating less is more. If you plan to decorate with photos, plants, art, etc. be sure to choose only a few pieces. A few simple elegant or statement pieces can tastefully add character to your reception area. These few pieces can give your room some life, without overcrowding things. The less you have the easier it will be to keep things clean. 

5. Make it User Friendly

Having a functional reception area will also help you keep it clean and minimize your tasks at the end of the day. Not to mention it will make your guests more comfortable. Adding a wastebasket in a convenient location for guest to dispose of waste will keep you from needing to pick up trash. Placing small conveniences like tissues, hand sanitizer, and reading material can make guests feel more at home and give them a good impression. Small comforts and convenience can leave a big impression and make your employees and your visitors lives much easier. 

Keeping a clean reception area doesn’t have to be hard. Our team has over twenty years of experience. We are here to give you the tips on cleaning your business from reception areas to floors, bathrooms, and more. Kleen Office Environments is committed to our clients and providing professional exceptional service. To learn more about our services check out our website, blog, or call us at 616-889-3720!