How Often Should Medical Offices be Cleaned?

female doctor sitting at a desk with computer talking to a young patient sitting next to her

Medical offices require a different type and level of cleaning compared to other offices. They see a much higher amount of foot traffic and more germs than other offices. This all means a specialized cleaning schedule, but just how often should you clean your medical office?

Medical Office Cleaning

General Cleaning

Like any other office, medical office’s need to have the basics cleaned. Waiting rooms, restrooms, and office spaces all need a regular cleaning schedule. The difference is medical facilities have a higher standard of cleanliness to meet. This means high traffic areas need more frequent cleaning. We recommend daily cleaning of exam rooms and weekly for other low traffic areas. Offices and staff areas may require only weekly cleaning, but places patients visit require daily cleaning. 


Medical facilities create a lot of hazardous waste. Exam gloves, needles, masks, and more all need quick and proper disposal. Patient areas need sanitizing beyond normal cleaning to prevent the spread of germs. They require a knowledgeable and professional cleaning staff. Medical facilities should be sanitized daily and monitored during high germ seasons.


As mentioned above, cleaning may need to increase during seasonal outbreaks. Flu, cold and outbreak seasons require a higher level of cleaning and sanitation. This may mean disinfecting and wiping down surfaces throughout the day. It is also good to sanitize any cleaning equipment from mops to bins. This will help prevent any further spread of germs day to day. Talk to your cleaning team about their plans for keeping your facility healthy and safe for patients. 

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