The Difference Between Sanitizing and Disinfecting

When cleaning any facility health is always key, but did you know there are two different levels of cleanliness? Sanitizing and disinfecting are both important in the cleaning process and key tools to be used but are often used interchangeably when in fact they describe two different levels of cleaning. Let’s take a look at these two ways of cleanings.

What is Sanitizing?

Sanitizing is the means of reducing the bacteria present to safely acceptable levels. These levels are set by public health measures and sometimes are not as strict as some may think. Sanitization can include surfaces, areas, and equipment cleaning in manner to prevent infections but may not remove or eliminate all bacteria or viruses.

In the case of medical facilities sanitization is great in areas that may not see a great deal of patients or infections but still require more than a simple cleaning. Sanitization is great for food prep areas or any area where food could come in contact with germs. Areas like offices, waiting rooms, bathrooms, and break rooms may require sanitizing.

What is Disinfecting?


Disinfecting eliminates any pathogens or bacteria on the cleaned area. It is a much more effective way of eliminating germs and riding an area of possible infection. Due to its effectiveness disinfecting is used much more in the medical cleaning world to ensure the health of both patients and employees. Medical cleaning professionals, like Kleen Office Environments, are skilled in the variety of available disinfectants and are able to access which should be used and when. While both cleaning processes can be helpful disinfecting is the clear step to rid bacteria and other contaminants, especially in recent months when most businesses are improving their cleaning protocols and procedures in to include ‘deep cleaning’ and ‘regular disinfecting’ of high traffic areas.

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