Don’t Let Your Carpet Be The Scariest Thing About Halloween!

Many commercial facilities have carpeted floors that cost thousands of dollars to purchase and install. To properly protect such an investment, companies need to have a maintenance plan in place or these carpets may wear out sooner than expected. To prolong the lifespan of commercial carpets, regular professional cleaning is needed every couple months and more often than that in high-traffic areas.
Yet some companies don’t have a maintenance plan for their carpets. They resort to carpet cleaning only when there are visible stains. Once this happens, the carpet will incur some damages that may be beyond repair. Cleaning will not make it look as good as new if you don’t maintain a regular cleaning schedule.
What Can Damage Your Carpet and Why Cleaning Regularly is a Must
Because of the heavy foot traffic in your office, your carpet suffers damage every single day. It suffers even more damage under specific circumstances, and these include:
When people track in dirt, mud, or snow from the outsideWhen liquids are spilled on itWhen dirt and dust are allowed to accumulate on itWhen the wrong cleaning materials are used to remove dirt from itWhen heavy equipment and carts are constantly rolled around on it
These occurrences can quickly age and damage your carpets, especially when it is not cleaned and properly maintained. A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule should be implemented and followed so that your carpets can last as long as possible.
Different parts of your commercial facility may require different cleaning and maintenance frequencies, depending on foot traffic. For example, carpets in entryways and reception areas will need to be cleaned once every few weeks, while those in conference rooms and executive offices can be cleaned once every 1-2 months.
Schedule Regular Carpet Cleaning to Make Your Carpets Last
Putting together a maintenance plan and schedule for your carpets will save money in the long run because a properly maintained carpet will not need to be replaced nearly as often. So if you’re in the need for a professional commercial cleaning service, then look no further than Kleen Office Environments. We want to be your go to team to ensure your space and special events are clean, satisfactory, and welcoming. Contact us or call us at 616-889-3720! Learn about all of our services offered by clicking here.

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