Simplify Your Office Cleaning Routine

There’s a growing desire to de-clutter our lives and streamline everything we have to manage. For some people, this is as simple as cutting back phone apps, but how do you do this at work? The simplest way is to outsource time-eating tasks to specialists.
If you are not sure what you can outsource, start by determining how much your time is worth. For many, this is just how much they get paid per hour, there are exceptions. With administrators, it is more about the tasks left behind than pay scale because lost time hurts the entire office. You are better off using office hours to organize projects, lead your staff, and handle inevitable day to day paperwork. These essential tasks are far more valuable than just your hourly pay, and you’ll have more energy to use on them when outsourcing unnecessary work.
Once you have a sense of per hour worth, take a look at time spent on easily outsourced tasks. When you actually chart your time over a long period, it adds up faster than you’d think. Something simple like picking up around the office yourself may eat up a few hours a week, but that adds up to a full day or two each month. Hiring in-house cleaning crews for these tasks in larger office can hurt more than help in some situations. In-house management comes with extra tasks like handling the pay, benefits, required insurance, and the need for proper chemical storage. These headaches can easily burn a day every week or two if you are not used to managing them, which is why it’s usually simpler to outsource.
Once you have done all this, balance the value of your time lost with the cost of outsourcing. If your opportunity cost is higher than possible outsourcing costs, it’s time. Hand those tasks off to commercial cleaning custodians who do them for a living. You and your entire (freshly cleaned) office will be thankful for it!
So if you’re in the need for a professional commercial cleaning service, then look no further than Kleen Office Environments. We want to be your go to team to ensure your space and special events are clean, satisfactory, and welcoming. Contact us or call us at 616-889-3720! Learn about all of our services offered by clicking here.

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