What is the Best Way to Clean Wall Surfaces?

If the winter season weather has you inside a bit more than usual, and you are trying to decide whether to repaint the walls or not, consider cleaning them first. A thorough cleaning may be all that is needed, and can save time and money than if you paid someone to repaint.
Instead of getting all the harsh cleaners out and the thick rubber gloves, there are some things to know about the best ways to clean walls.
Remembering to remove all the artwork, decorations, and other accessories is important. Getting everything off of the walls to have a blank canvas is very important to start with. Getting rid of the dust by either a vacuum, soft cloth or brush to remove the hidden dust mites in corners and high up on walls is important. You should try to protect furniture and the flooring throughout the space. Moving items as necessary away from the walls is highly suggested, this will give you the necessary space to work and protect delicate items. Utilizing a sheet or tarp can help cover large areas to protect furniture, or decorative items that were taken off the walls.
Knowing what type of paint is on the walls in the space you are about to clean is important. It can help identify what type of cleaner to use. Depending on the paint’s chemical make-up, it may lead to walls needing to more care than others. For example, latex paint can require more care than oil-based paint. If planning to clean door frames, trims or baseboards at the same time, different cleaning approaches based on their finishes may have to be taken into consideration.
Proper Techniques to Clean the Walls
It is important to not use rough, scratchy materials to clean the walls, such as a Teflon pad or brush with super stiff, rough bristles. Instead, consider using a softer material, like a soft sponge or cloth, which will clean the surface without doing damage to the wall. Using a bucket system that utilizes two buckets works best, one with clean water for rinsing and another for cleaning solution. Wring out the cloth or sponge as often as possible depending on how dirty the walls are. Only wipe one section of a wall at a time, while trying to minimize drips on baseboards or trim. Work on one wall at a time, completing one entire wall before moving on to another space. Making sure the area is well ventilated and has proper airflow can help prevent walls from soaking and obtaining too much moisture. Opening some windows or running a fan or two can speed up the overall drying process.
If you decide that cleaning the walls with the proper techniques may be too much of a tall task, contact our professional, reliable and dedicated commercial cleaning custodians. We want to be your go to team to ensure your space and special events are clean, satisfactory, and welcoming. Contact us or call us at 616-889-3720!

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