Finding a New Janitorial Service For Your Office

If you come into work on a Monday only to find dust and dirt in all of the places you had hoped would be cleaned it may be time to hire a new office janitorial service. Many companies find it to be a hassle to switch to a new company because it is never a priority and ends up becoming more work. Although we hope everyone would choose to work with us, here are some easy tips to choosing a new janitorial service.
1. Go Local – When you choose to work with a local company there is always accountability. Plus with local businesses the owner’s tend to take pride in their work.
2. On Your Schedule – It is important to find an office cleaner who can work on your schedule. You don’t have to settle for a service that won’t meet your needs.
3. Affordable – Prices can vary and it can be tough to compare prices because every business is a different size and shape. When comparing prices try to ask for a detailed list of the types of cleaning they do, and the products they use. This will help you to figure out what you are getting for your money.
If you are a Grand Rapids or surrounding area business and you are looking for a new office cleaning company call us today for a free quote.

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