How to Clean Office Chairs

grey office chair sitting at a wooden office desk

Office chairs are a commonly overlooked part of cleaning. They are sat in day in and day out collecting bacteria and dust. Oftentimes chairs are left to wait while other bigger projects are focused on. Clean office chairs can have a huge impact on the cleanliness of your office though. Without proper care they can begin to fade and break down. Keeping your office chairs clean is key.

How to Clean Office Chairs

Cleaning Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs are perhaps the easiest to clean. Their hard surface allows for an easy clean. Simply spray down with an antibacterial cleaner and wipe with a damp cloth. Be sure to use the proper chemicals and soft cloths so not to damage or harm the chairs. 

Cleaning Mesh Chairs

Mesh chairs can be more complicated. Start by vacuuming the dust and debris. Using the nozzle attachment or a handheld vacuum works best for this. After all dust is vacuumed use a wet cloth and soapy water (well wrung out) to wipe down and clean the mesh areas. Be careful not to get the chair too wet. 

Cleaning Fabric Chairs

The best way to clean a fabric chair is to check the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. Many use water-based cleaning products or a solvent product (such as dry-cleaning type products). Others require specific cleaning products or professional cleaning services. 

Cleaning Tips

There are a few tips for cleaning office chairs. The first and most important thing to remember is to remove all dust and debris before using any sort of cleaning solution. Always spot test new products in spots of low visibility to avoid discoloration. Lastly, never pour any cleaning solution directly onto the chair. This can cause discoloration too and damage to your chairs. 

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