Tips for Keeping Common Areas Clean During Covid-19

someone cleaning and wood surface with gloves and proper ppe

Covid-19 has made business owners and staff look at their buildings in a completely different light. Instead, welcoming waiting rooms and common areas we now see another area to worry about contagions and spread. Shared spaces bring the awareness of cleanliness especially in public settings. It is up to the business to make those areas safe for both customers and employees. At Kleen Office Environments we know how much of a challenge this time has been. We’ve put together some quick tips to help you keep your common areas clean during Covid-19.

Tips for Keeping Common Areas Clean

Clean Tip #1: Assess Your Area

Each common area is unique and sees a different amount of traffic. The amount and type of traffic you see will help determine the amount of cleaning you need. Consider the amount of daily traffic your building sees and if it is consistent throughout the day. More disinfecting will be needed during high traffic times. Is your business open to just employees or customers and contractors too? Do you serve an at-risk population? These factors can help you determine the amount of traffic and how often you should be cleaning. What is the set-up of your area, and do you have a way of tracking those who enter? Setting up in a way you can track visitors will help you track and outbreaks as the CDC recommends. You can also arrange furniture in a way that allows for social distancing. All of these factors can help you set an accurate cleaning and disinfecting schedule. 

Clean Tip #2: Assess Surfaces

Now that you know who is coming and going and how often, it’s time to think about the surfaces they touch. Common areas are just that, common for people to visit and therefore common for germs. The information you gathered on the amount and demographic of those entering your building should help you determine how often your surfaces are touched. Frequently touched items like chairs, light switches, doors, handicap rails, and elevator buttons should be disinfected frequently to avoid the spread of any bacteria. Spend a day noting all activity in the building and make a list of surfaces people touch. Those are the places that should be disinfected throughout the day. You can help by providing hand sanitizer and disinfectants for guests in high traffic areas. Remember to follow proper EPA cleaning guidelines and wear gloves and proper PPE while disinfecting. 

Clean TIP #3: Asses Your Time

Keeping up with the new need for disinfecting and cleaning during Covid-19 can be overwhelming. It means cleaning during working hours and extra cleaning outside working hours. This can affect your staff’s productivity and time management. Building out a new schedule to allow for extra time or staff to handle these needs is key to keeping things clean. Kleen Office Environments can help too! Our staff is trained in proper disinfecting and cleaning to meet all EPA and CDC Covid-19 standards. We can help you maintain a healthy, happy workspace throughout the day!
Don’t let Covid-19 cleaning standards make your common areas a pain to clean. Let Kleen Office Environments help keep your business clean and safe for all who enter! For more information on our services visit our website!