How to Maintain Commercial Stone Floors

different types of marble tiles stacked on top of one large marble tile that makes up the background

Stone floors are perfect for commercial spaces. They are durable and offer a wide variety of unique designs. Stone floors can add a key element of design to any building as long as they are properly maintained and cared for. It can be difficult to maintain commercial stone floors, but we’ve put together a quick guide to help you along the way.

How to Maintain Commercial Stone Floors

Identify & Assess

Knowing the type of stone used in your flooring is the most important step in keeping up its care. Different types of stone require specific types of care. If it’s marble, knowing whether it is soft or hard is important. Knowing whether your stone is polished, flames, or honed can all make a difference in determining its care plan. If you are not sure, you can contact a local stone supplier or restoration company to help guide you. 

The next step is to assess your stone’s condition and installation. Note whether tiles are flat or uneven. Check to see if there is lippage or cracked tiles. The quality of the installation can make care much easier or harder. Tiles may need to be replaced or filed with resin to prevent debris build up and damage. To check the overall shape of your tiles you will need to strip off any coatings or sealants. This will allow you to see any pitting or scratching. If the floor is in poor shape, you will need to restore it before continuing maintenance. 

Apply a Sealant

Applying a sealer impregnator is the next step in maintaining your stone floors. This protects your floor in the event it is exposed to water, spills, and other wet messes. They soak into the stone to protect it while still allowing the stone to breathe. These sealants leave no residue or coating behind. 

Daily Cleaning

Removing daily buildup of dirt, dust, and debris is the most important part of maintaining your floors. Not only will it keep your floors looking great, but it will prevent hard build up that can scratch and damage stone flooring. We suggest using a clean, dry dust mop at least once a day (more in high traffic areas) to remove any dirt build up. Keeping mats near entrances and exits to the building can help eliminate the amount of debris in high traffic areas. 

For daily cleaning we suggest using a cotton or rayon mop. You want to use soft and neutral products on your stone. You will want to use neutral cleaners with a pH of 7, other cleaners can cause damage to stone if used often. 


It is important to remember that stone is a natural product and as such requires natural care. You should avoid the use of waxes, acrylics, and other sacrificial coatings on stone. These coatings may increase the care needed to keep your stones polished. They should only be used in extreme cases under the guide of a stone expert. 

Instead, use a natural polishing process. The best way to polish stone floors is with a polishing powder containing aluminum or tin oxide, a buffing machine, and a floor pad. Buffing machines abrade the stone in small amounts to remove damage caused by debris and grit. This process happens in small amounts meaning it is safe for your stone. Buffing should be done on a schedule dependent on the amount of traffic. Buildings like hotels and hospitals may need to be done daily, but small office buildings or homes may only need to be done yearly. We do suggest this process be done by a professional that can recommend the right mixtures and methods for each type of stone. 


Eventually all stone needs to be restored. How often your floors need it will depend on your care routine and how well maintained your stone floors are. The restoration process rehones each stone to remove deep blemishes and polishes them to bring them back to life. This is a process for a professional restoration company.

Kleen Office Environments Stone Floor Cleaning

At Kleen Office Environments we know maintaining commercial stone flooring can seem difficult. That’s why we’ve trained our staff in stone floor maintenance and upkeep. We can take care of daily upkeep, polishing, and preventative maintenance for you! To learn more about our services check out our website!