The Benefits of Office Spring Cleaning

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The warm weather of spring has started to hit the Michigan shores. Fresh spring air is creeping its way into office buildings. This means it’s time to start thinking spring cleaning and new beginnings. Spring cleaning can be a great time to start fresh in your office and make things new again! 

Spring is the perfect time to declutter, organize, rearrange, and make your office space feel new. While spring cleaning may seem like another difficult task it can bring many benefits to your employees and business. 

The Benefits of Office Spring Cleaning

Employee Health

Spring cleaning can have a huge impact on your employees mental and physical health. Decluttering and organizing can relieve stress on employees and make their day-to-day life easier. Reducing stress on employees can lead to higher productivity, fewer days off, and happier employees. A cleaner workspace can increase the mood of employees in general too. No one wants to work in a crowded, dirty space. Cleaning up the office can help boost the mood of employees. Cleaning can also reduce the amount of allergy causing particles leading the healthier employees. Keeping a clean building is important to employee and client health. The buildup of dirt and dust can happen in the winter. It is important to clean thoroughly in the winter to avoid allergies and added time off. 


Spring is a great time to streamline your office productivity. Decluttering unneeded items, organizing, and rearranging are all great options that can be done during this time to boost productivity. Like mentioned above cleaning can already boost employee productivity but smart cleaning can also help. When cleaning, think of ways to help your business. Get rid of furniture, items, and things that are slowing down the flow of traffic or work. Rearrange the office to help employees work more efficiently. This is a great time to make changes. 


It’s no secret that cleaning will make your office look better. The good news is that clients will love how much better it looks! The aesthetic and looks of your office are important to the reputation of your business. Keeping a clean office will create a better aesthetic and perception for clients entering your office. A dirty or cluttered office can give the wrong idea to those entering. 

Ideas for Spring Cleaning

There are some quick and easy tasks you can do to help up your spring cleaning. Disinfect all surfaces that are touched daily and while you are at it, declutter the surfaces. Get rid of any unneeded papers, boxes, pens, etc. Organize messy, long cords that make office spaces look unorganized. Declutter digital files and clean out hard drives. Talk to your cleaning service about cleaning ventilation systems. Clean light fixtures and under furniture for dust. There are a lot of tasks that can help make your office spring-clean more than a simple cleaning. 

At Kleen Office Environments we have been helping offices get the most out of their spring cleaning for over 25 years. We are here to help with all of your office spring cleaning needs! For more information on our services check out our website or contact us!