Step by Step Bathroom Cleaning Guide

restroom and bathroom cleaning

Bathrooms are one of the most important places at any business to keep clean. They are one of the most harshly judged places by visitors and their cleanliness is vital to visitor and employee health. Keeping your bathrooms hygienic and tidy is key to the cleanliness of your building. At Kleen Office Environments we know this can be the least glamorous of tasks. To help you keep things tidy we’ve but together a step-by-step guide to keeping a clean bathroom. Let’s get started!

1. Add Cleaning Solution to Toilets/Sinks

High traffic fixtures like toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers will need the most work. Starting by pouring the cleaning solution onto/in them will allow it time to work it’s magic while you work on other areas. Be sure to get right up to the edges with the solution and cover all problem areas. Check that your chosen cleaner has antibacterial properties, this will help keep your bathroom hygienic. Allow the cleaner time to sit while you move on to the next step.

2. Dust

Bathrooms are not a place we usually think to dust, but they can collect a lot! Dry wipe any surfaces for dust. Places like sink edges, the top of fixtures, stall walls, etc. can collect hidden dust. Check mirror tops, toilet backs, and light fixtures. A microfiber cloth works great for this!

3. Wipe Down Surfaces

Now it’s time to spray and wipe down surfaces. Using an antibacterial or disinfectant to spray and wipe down surfaces is important. Toilet spray from flushing can spread throughout the bathroom and land on surfaces far from the toilet. Wiping down surfaces with an antibacterial will keep these surfaces clean for employees and visitors. Be sure to wipe down toilet handles, toilet tanks, light switches, door handles, and sink ledges. Wipe down all surfaces but pay extra attention to those people touch.

4. Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors can easily become dirty. Water splashing up from washing hands and dust can make mirrors cloudy and spotty. A streak free cleaner and microfiber cloth can quickly remedy this problem.

5. Clean the Toilets/Sink

Now it’s time to return to the cleaner you poured in the toilets and sinks earlier. Use a toilet brush thoroughly scrub the inside of the toilet bowl. Be sure to get under the inside lip of the bowl. Once you are sure it is spotless, flush the toilet and inspect. Using an antibacterial cleaner and microfiber cloth wipe down the exterior of the lid, seat, and under the seat. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe down the sink paying close attention to any build up around the drain. Once wiped down rinse.

6. Sweep

Now that all surfaces have been properly cleaned it’s time to take care of the floors. Start by sweeping the floors for any dust or debris. Get behind any fixtures and into the corners where dirt and dust can hide.

7. Trash

Now that you have thrown out the last of the dirt and debris from the bathroom, it is time to take the trash out. Remove all trash from the bathroom and replace trash bags. Remember to check for any trash lying around or under trash cans.

8. Mop

It is time to mop the floors now. Remove any temporary fixtures from the floor. Use an antibacterial solution and start at the far side of the room. You will want to work your way towards the door so as not to step on the wet floor. Mop the entire floor paying close attention to high traffic areas. Once you are done, replace fixtures and shut the lights off.

A clean bathroom is key to a clean business. At Kleen Office Environments we know cleaning the bathroom is no one’s favorite task. We hope this guide helps you keep your bathroom clean, but we are always there to help to! With over 20 years of commercial cleaning experience Kleen Office Environments is your bathroom cleaning experts! For more information on our services visit our website or call 616-889-3720!