Keeping Your Retail Restrooms Clean

Anyone who has worked in retail or visited a retail store knows that sometimes the restrooms can get a bit gross. Stores that see high volumes of traffic, usually see the same high level of traffic in the restrooms making it difficult to keep up with their cleanliness. Your business’s restroom can be bad for company image though if not maintained and taken of, it’s important to make it a priority and keep it clean. To help you, we will go over some ways to make keeping your retail restroom easier.

Keep Your Tools Handy

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Keeping your bathroom cleaning supplies in a neat and convenient place can help make cleaning simple. A cart or caddy of cleaning solutions and tools can make it easy for whoever is cleaning to quickly grab them a get the job done. It also makes clean ups of emergencies during the workday easier to clean and return the restrooms to pristine condition for customers. Make sure you start with a well-stocked supply and continue to keep your stock organized. This can make it easier to know when you are running low on supplies and quickly replace them. Having a quickly accessible and organized system can make cleaning fast and easy.

Be Consistent

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Keeping a cleaning schedule and even the same person on the cleaning task can help maintain consistency in your restroom’s cleanliness. Having the same person clean each time will help them to know what needs to be done each day and what areas tend to need extra care. Maintaining a regular schedule will keep your bathrooms from falling into disarray from lack of cleaning and your customers will appreciate being able to expect a clean space when they visit your business.

Deep Clean

Even with regular cleaning you should still be deep cleaning your bathroom occasionally. We recommended deep cleaning your restrooms at least once a quarter, preferably more if able. Washing walls, scrubbing fixtures, and sanitizing floors are extra tasks you can preform during deep cleans. Giving your restroom some extra attention every so often can help you maintain it in-between deep cleans.

Double Check

While cleaning, it’s important to double check that all fixtures and dispensers are working and stocked. Check that all toilets and hand driers are working properly. Check that paper towel holders, toilet paper dispensers, and soap dispensers are filled and working. If something is not working or needs to be filled refill it or fix it immediately. Bigger fixtures that can not easily be fixed need to be replaced immediately so that everything is functioning properly. Checking the bathroom throughout the day in general is also important. Check your restrooms periodically to be sure there are no messes and that everything is functioning properly.

Retail restrooms can be tough to tackle and stressful. Kleen Office Environments has over 20 years of experience in the professional cleaning industry, including restroom cleaning, restocking, and disinfecting. We can help you clean your retail business and restroom, so for more information checkout our website or call 616-889-3720!