4 Tips for Maintaining Bright Office Carpets

Light and bright carpets are a great choice for offices. They make compact spaces look bigger, airier, spacious, and for some reason—cleaner.

Not just that, they are also extremely effective if you are looking to add a hint of modernism and sleekness to your office interior, without having to spend on expensive furniture. They are known for making professional capacities look dynamic and luxurious. But with all these benefits, there’s just one drawback—light colored carpets require more maintenance than darker shade carpets. Even the smallest of stains and tiniest patches of dirt on light carpets stand out enough to become the center of attention.  

Fortunately, it’s possible to maintain the pristine appearance of these carpets. Ahead, we’ve rounded up four effective tips for maintaining bright carpets in your office to impress your employees and clients.

Selective Installation

If you’re still in the process of carpet installation, or you’re planning to do it in the near future, remember this good rule of thumb: don’t overdo it. It’s best to place light carpets on selective spots that are not exposed to dirt from the outside or food stains, for instance the corridor, entrance, kitchen, and break room, etc. This way you’ll be keeping those dirty shoes and unwanted stains off your carpet, and won’t have to worrying about its upkeep.

Shoe Scrapers and Entrance Mats

Muddy stains and grime are detrimental for your light carpets. Placing doormats and boot scrapers at the entrance will keep dirt, mud, grime and other debris from entering into your office, especially during snowy and rainy seasons.

Keep Your Cleaning Stocked With Stain Removers

Despite all the preventive measures you may take—spills are bound to happen. You cannot keep an eye on every visitor, client, and employee at all times. So, if someone spills something on your bright stunning carpet—don’t panic. Instead, be proactive and ensure that you are stocked with carpet stain removers at all times. There are better chances that you’ll be able to get rid of the stain if you clean it immediately. Otherwise the spill might seep into the microfibers of your carpet and eventually become tough to clean.

Regular Professional Cleaning

Along with the above mentioned tips, a professional carpet cleaning is extremely important at least twice every year to maintain the freshness and newness of your carpets. Professional carpet cleaners use commercial grade equipment, techniques, and cleaning products that are specially designed to clean every inch of your carpet, without damaging a strand of its fabric.

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