4 Ways to Reduce Allergies in Your Office

Fall and winter are known to be the seasons for allergies. The cold and dry weather triggers allergies and it doesn’t help that most of us end up with the flu too. Allergies can really kick off in the workplace. Sneezing, wheezing, sniffling, and experiencing watery eyes aren’t fun, especially when your employees are trying to work. Allergies are known to be the second most common reason due to which adults miss work. 30% of the population suffers from it, according to The American Academy of Asthma and Immunology

The workplace needs to be a space where employees can feel comfortable and focus on what they do best. As an employer, you need to make sure your employees aren’t getting sick because of allergens in the workplace.

Here are some ways you can reduce allergies in the workplace:

Reduce dust mites

Dust mites are known to be the most common allergens found indoors. They’re the reason your employees have sneezing fits, coughing fits, and watery eyes. They are often carried from the home to the workplace. The eggs of these dust mites tend to attach to clothing and as a result, end up in the workplace. Carpets, upholstered furniture, blinds, and drapes are all common places where dust mites get trapped.

To deal with dust mites effectively and limit them in the workplace, a few things can be done:

Regular carpet cleaning

Whether your office carpets are made of synthetic or natural fibers, they attract dust, dirt, and grime. Regular vacuuming isn’t enough to get these allergens out of the carpets. Professional carpet cleaning is the only way you can make sure the allergens are out and the carpets are disinfected.

Using a microfiber cloth to clean the office

Other than carpets, dust and dust mites tend to settle onto surfaces in the office too. Microfiber cloth does a great job at containing dust and dust mites by trapping the dust and making sure it doesn’t lurk around indoors.

Have the upholstery cleaned professionally

The upholstery in an office is difficult to clean. The foam, padding, and webbing inside these furniture pieces mean it cannot be washed with regular cleaners or detergents. The foam in these furniture pieces like office chairs and sofas are known to harbor bacteria, germs, moisture, dust, and dust mites that cause allergy flare-ups. Get the upholstery of your office cleaned regularly by professionals. This also restores their look, and increases their lifespan.

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