3 Ways to Take Flu Season Head On!

Last year, Michigan had its worst bout of flu during the month of February. A lot of people got affected and as a result, a record number of employees couldn’t attend work. This greatly impacted workplace productivity; for instance, managers had to extend deadlines since there weren’t enough people to finish projects.

Well, flu season is just around the corner. And we should learn from our past mistakes by taking precautionary measures to prevent it from happening again. Let’s look at some of these!


The first thing you need to do before the winter even starts is get your workers flu shots. This will be the most effective way to avoid the flu completely. Additionally, it will increase your workers’ morale, as it will show them that you care about their health


You should also ensure that there is a paper towel dispenser in all the restrooms in your office, as sharing towels for wiping hands can propagate germs.

Additionally, arrange for a hand sanitizer, as that will definitely take care of the germs. This will also be helpful for those who don’t have the time to let the soap stay on their hands for even twenty seconds.

You should also hire a cleaning crew to clean and disinfect all frequently used items in the office; like your keyboard, mouse, and coffee machines. Additionally, you should have a specialized crew for the restrooms, so they can be regularly cleaned.

Soft areas are often neglected during this process. This may also lead to viral infections, since a virus can stay alive on a soft surface for around twelve hours. Hence, you need to make sure that your cleaning crew is cleaning them at least once during the day.


Give your unwell employees a day off. This will help you protect others from contracting the virus and further impacting productivity. Try to ensure that your employees’ contact with a sick person is minimal, while on premises.

You should also work meticulously with management to ensure that the viral illness is under control and doesn’t infect the workers around the office. Being on the same page as the senior management will help you out preventive and awareness measures in place.

These measures will really help you bring down the number of infected people this year. You can take your first step in this direction right now. Just give us a call at 616 889 3720, and enlist our commercial cleaning services in Grand Rapids, MI. You will be completely satisfied and worry-free throughout flu season.