Restroom Mismanagement and Highly Dense Office Spaces

Restrooms are essential to every workplace, serving as a place to freshen up. They’re one of the basic amenities a worker is entitled to; offices are required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to give workers immediate access to a clean restroom when needed.

However, ever since cubicles became popular in offices in the 1990s, offices have tried to cram as many staff members as they can into a limited space. These spaces even go below the ideal workspace size of 12 square meters per work-point. And since a lot of buildings are not designed to incorporate more than one restroom, overuse is a massive issue that causes mismanagement.

Management Issues

Office design has shifted priorities recently, and new designs are trying to accommodate workers’ needs as much as possible. However, since a building’s design cannot be changed in a moment, building managers have trouble managing single restrooms.

This also leads to overworked, burnt out cleaning crews, and a lack of paper towels in dispensers! You owe it to workers to fix this problem; but it’s also important for the greater good of the company. This is because research shows that poorly designed and maintained restrooms reflect badly on your business.

How Can You Help Fix These Problems?

Lack of Paper Towels

Currently, only makeshift solutions for this problem exist. For instance, placing extra paper towel rolls on the

countertops has minimized one issue. However, this is a temporary hack. You still need to work on a more permanent solution.

A potential option is an elegant, electric paper towel dispenser with motion sensors. They will minimize wastage as workers will only take the amount they need.

Burn Out in the Cleaning Crew

This one won’t be as easy to fix. This is because you’d have to increase your budget and hire more people, and that requires you to take the case with senior management. For that, you’ll need stats! You could go through the company’s database and find proof about how cleanliness is improving your team’s overall performance, and reducing the incidences of sick leaves.

By showing them the positive impact that outsourcing a cleaning crew has, you can convince them to get the resources needed.

You can also aim to intervene in the workspace design, with fewer employees per square meter; that will also help you maximize workplace efficiency and fix restroom mismanagement issues.

If you’ve gathered the data and convinced management, then give us a call and enlist our commercial cleaning services in Grand Rapids, MI right away. Pave your way to a more efficient work environment with us!