The Importance of Routine Janitorial Inspections

As we all know, maintaining the cleanliness of an office environment is imperative if you want it to be hygienic and increase efficiency in the workplace. While many offices ensure that things are kept clean on a regular basis, this can get tough during the winters. This is due to the bouts of flu and the common cold that pervade our offices.

This blog will give you some tips to keep your office clean with the help of janitorial inspections.

Janitorial Inspection Checklist

The first thing you need is a janitorial inspection checklist. Your cleaning crew can check all the boxes as they finish the tasks. In case they forget anything, the checklist will help them remember.

Additionally, this will help you communicate clients’ and staff’s needs to the cleaning crew. This will not only improve your workplace productivity, but it willalso enhance the reputation of your company.

Unannounced Inspections

These inspections should be performed once a janitorial shift is over for the best results. However, they should be kept confidential because if the staff is aware of an inspection, they will go the extra mile to ensure that their work is up to the mark. This will prevent you from getting insight into how well they’re doing their jobs.


Inspections are often inefficient due to their paper-based nature. If you transfer them to mobile software, however, you can streamline the process and compare previous inspection results easily. You can also forward the report to the management with the tap of a button.


Since quality control is your goal, you need to more consistent in your inspections. Monthly inspections won’t be enough. This is because you need to keep your crew on track, and help them grow and improve as a team.

You’ll need to identify neglected areas and get them rectified immediately.

The benefits of incorporating these tips into your routine janitorial inspections are plentiful, and they lead to a well-maintained office environment.

Additionally, you can use these inspections to identify traits you need to look for while picking your cleaning crew and then hire them. If you want premium janitorial services, you can always contact us for help. We will cater to all your cleaning needs in Great Rapids, MI.