The Biggest Factors of an Untidy Office

Did you know a clean, tidy and organized workplace doesn’t just increase employee productivity but also improves their mental health? However, maintaining a completely clean and hygienic work environment can become quite a difficult task if your office keeps getting messy and cluttered on a daily basis.

So here are some of the biggest factors that contribute to a messy workplace that can be easily controlled and require your immediate attention.

Spilled Food

Due to excessive workload or to finish work early, many employees skip their lunch break and instead eat food at their desks while working. As a result, food particles smear across their desk, mouse, phone and also get stuck between the keyboard keys.

The spilled food not only makes the desks look messy, but also make the work environment unhygienic. According to a study, an average keyboard contains more bacteria than a toilet seat!

So, to prevent your employees from getting sick make sure the desks are cleaned properly every day. Encourage employees to lay down a sheet of paper while eating at their desk, clean the fridge regularly to avoid the food from putrefying and clean food spills immediately.


Sickness massively contributes to the cleanliness of your office. If employees catch the flu or cold, they will not only leave a pile of dirty tissues on their desks and bins, but they will also leave a trail of invisible mess everywhere in the office.

If contaminated surfaces are not cleaned within 24 hours, the virus and bacteria lingering on them spread to other areas. This will eventually cause the other workers to become sick too.


Paper creates a lot of mess around the office. Sticky notes, reports and documents buildup over time and create a huge clutter if not cleaned.

Clutter also reduces employee productivity. Finding an important file from a massive mess will take a lot more time and will also induce stress.

So, make sure that notes, papers and documents are properly filed and stored neatly or shredded if they’re no longer of any use.

Improper Cleaning

To ensure that every corner of your office is properly cleaned and completely sanitized, you’ll need to hire a professional office cleaning service. With trained staff and advanced cleaning products and equipment, these services ensure your office is a clean and hygienic place for employees to work.

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