4 Forgotten Spots to Clean in Your Office

Getting your office carpets, desks and upholstery cleaned regularly is a no-brainer. They’re always visible, cover a large area in the office and even small amount of dust, stains or traffic patterns become easily noticeable.

But there are other areas in your office that are easily forgotten. Dirt, dust and grime build up in these places, making them a breeding ground for bacteria.

So, make sure your janitorial staff is cleaning these overlooked spots regularly.


The doorknobs in your office are high-traffic and high-touch surfaces, making them the perfect home for bacteria. You don’t really think twice about touching your face or food after touching a doorknob, making you more susceptible to catching germs from them.

Here’s an example. Let’s say, an employee is sick but decided to come into work anyway. You’ve been avoiding shaking hands with them and reach for the sanitizer every time they walk by. Rude, but necessary.

Even if you’re avoiding being in the same proximity as them, the germs can still catch on to you via doorknobs—because well, doors need to be opened and closed.

Vents and Ducts

Dust and debris easily build up in the vents and ducts of your office AC/heating system. The dust is usually hidden in the inner spaces and can be easily overlooked.

If not cleaned, the elements hidden in the vents and ducts get blown away by air conditioners and fans and affect your employees’ health. The dust particles and toxins present in the office air are inhaled and can cause allergies and other respiratory problems.

In the worst-case scenario, mold and mildew also start growing in the dirty vents.


Even if your janitorial staff is diligently cleaning the desks and chairs, they might be forgetting to clean the computer and the areas around it.

If you look at the spot behind your computer monitor, you’ll probably notice a pile of dust.

In addition, the keyboard is another breeding ground for bacteria. It’s touched all the time, and if your employees tend to eat at their desks, food particles can get stuck between the keys, making the keyboard one of the most disgusting places in the office—even dirtier than a toilet seat. Shocking, right?

Under the Carpets

Your janitorial staff must vacuum the carpets daily, but are they cleaning the spot under the carpets? Even if the carpets seem clean and dust-free, most of the dust and dirt transfers from the carpets to the underlying surface.

Professional cleaners make sure to lift your office carpets and clean those hidden spots. This improves cleanliness in the office significantly and prevents carpets from getting stained.

Reduce sick leaves and promote employee health by getting the workplace cleaned by professional cleaning services.

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