How Unclean Carpets and Floors Are Affecting Your Business

Does your workplace experience excessive foot traffic?

If dirty floors and stained carpets are the first to greet your guests, then you have a problem at hand.

Here are some adverse ways unclean carpets and floors are affecting your business:

Hurts the Brand Image

Your brand is your identity. If you ignore cleanliness and general aesthetics in your workspace, potential investors, clients might not want to build a partnership with you after seeing sloppy hygiene practices.

Average cleanliness standards not only affect your employee’s productivity, but also harm the company’s image.

Sick Employees

Sick days have been costing businesses more than $225 billion dollars each year. They result in a 54% loss in productivity.

Dusty carpets and dirty floors increase the percentage and the rate at which your employees fall sick. If the numbers of sick leaves are increasing day by day, you need to make sure that your work environment is meeting health standards.

Are the floors tidy? Is there clutter? The clutter may increase the risk of falls. Is the carpet dusty? This can significantly affect the quality of the air your employees and other stakeholders breathe.

Decreased Productivity Levels

When employees are increasingly becoming sick, a decrease in productivity levels should be expected.

When employees aren’t feeling well physically or mentally, their productivity levels will decrease drastically harming the company’s growth in the long run.

The absence of several key members will also increase the workload on others of the team, putting them under unnecessary stress.

A dirty work environment will also lower employee morale which will lead to employees not putting in their best into work. A clean workspace is crucial to boost productivity levels.

High Maintenance Expenditure

Tiling or carpeting the floor is not cheap. Dust, dirt and mold reduce the lifespan of a tiled or carpeted floor, making it look shabbier.

In essence, if you fail to clean the office regularly, you are unconsciously starting a cycle of high maintenance costs which will impact your company’s budget sooner or later.

Hiring an office cleaning service will save you money, time and resources. So, if you have an office run business based in Michigan, get in touch with us for our expert office cleaning services.

At Kleen Office Environments, we ensure that your workspace is hygienic, welcoming and a place you look forward to going to every day.